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Grab the user's attention and guide them to your website with a Display Ad they can't ignore

What are Display Ads?

With Display Ads you can reach potential customers as they are checking their Gmail, watching Youtube videos, or simply browsing the net. A display ad is a form of paid advertising that typically comes in various formats that users can engage with, such as text, image, video and rich media. Users can click on the ad to then be taken to the corresponding landing page where they can potentially make a purchase or an enquiry. If you’re interested in engaging users, raising brand awareness and boosting your sales, then the Google Display Network is definitely the way to go.

Find The Right Audience

The Google Display Network is designed to help you advertise to your target audience across millions of websites. You can reach users by choosing specific keywords or topics, by selecting the sites on which your ad will appear, or even by retargeting to users who have already shown an interest in your services or products.

Use A Variety Of Ad Formats

Google’s Display Network allows for a variety of formats including text, image, video or rich media. So whether you want to catch the user’s attention using a bold image, or would prefer to tell a story using video – Google’s Display Ads make it possible.

Measure Your Results

Another valuable feature of Display Ads is that it allows you to monitor your campaign so you can see how well you are meeting your goals. You are able to track which ads delivered the most clicks, which websites your ads were displaying on, and which sites provided you with the most sales for the lowest cost. Based on these findings, you can adjust your targeting and bidding strategy to get the biggest return on your investment.