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The Power of Search Engine Optimisation

You will notice that the results on Google’s search engine are shown either organically or as ads. By appearing in the top results organically, it means that your website is trusted, relevant and has products and services matching the keywords searched.

The majority of people around New Zealand and the world use Google's search engine, providing you with a much wider target audience. More often than not, they will choose a company that appears on the first couple of Google results organically.

New Zealand’s Premier SEO Company

As your leading name in SEO services nationwide, our team of specialists pride themselves on staying up to date on all the latest developments and trends in Search Engine Optimisation. We recognise that SEO is an industry that is constantly evolving, which is why we work our hardest to ensure that whenever the field changes, PlusMedia is one of the frontrunners.

It is this commitment to perfecting the latest practices and updates in SEO that has seen PlusMedia establish themselves as your premier SEO Company in New Zealand.

Keyword Research

First and foremost it is important to identify the keywords your target audience are using when searching for services or products you offer. Our experts understand the value of using the right keywords and are able to point out the keywords that will convert.

Competitive Analysis

One of the most fundamental steps in any SEO process is the competitive analysis. Here at PlusMedia, we analyse your competitors’ strategies to establish an overall plan of action for your own company. Be better than the rest and choose to work with the SEO team here at PlusMedia.

On-Page Optimisation

Your website structure is also fundamental in increasing your website ranking. An easy to use and visual appealing structure is essential to a successful SEO campaign. Here at PlusMedia, we go as far as adding new pages that are relevant to the keywords you are targeting to ensure the highest possible ranking.

Website Audit

Frequent auditing needs to be done to ensure your website is able to continue ranking highly. Our experts are continuously learning and keeping up-to-date with Google’s ever changing regulations, thus ensuring they are complying with Google Webmaster guidelines.

Content Writing

It is critical that the content on your website is SEO friendly and has the right information with the right keywords. Our copywriters aim to write content that sells your product or service and persuades the viewer to take action, all the while remaining optimized for search engines.

Link Building

Our team are dedicated to helping your website increase in ranking. We ensure that you have high-quality, relevant external pages linking back to your site so Google can recognise and rank your website highly.

Ranking/Status Reports

We provide regular status reports on your Google ranking to give you insights on your campaign’s performance. Your success is our success, so you can be assured that our team are continuously working to increase your ranking. You can verify our improvements by searching the agreed upon keywords on Google to see your rankings in the results.