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+Media Social

The silent giants in social media marketing are continuing to show great success in advertising, connecting businesses with clients and potential clients, and nurturing these connections. Social media marketing allows you to promote your business in a range of ways, including creating content that engages audiences and encourages users to purchase your products or services.

When it comes to social media, our specialists are always aiming to seek out the best strategies, so we are able to deliver an elite social media campaign that produces tangible results. These strategies will help you see an increase in your brand awareness and brand loyalty, and consequently an increase in sales for your products/services. Additionally, they will help improve your search engine ranking.

Looking to take the leap and introduce social media to your business? Leave it to PlusMedia. Our very own professional graphic designer and content writer are on hand to help you capture the image you aspire your business to hold.

Why do you need social media?

With a fast moving culture being created by an increase in the access of information and connectivity across the world, social media platforms are a vital tool for businesses to utilise in marketing.

Social media offers many benefits, one of which is that it provides a platform for an accelerated version of "word of mouth" marketing, allowing information to spread faster while also extending its reach to a global scale. You can broaden your customer base by increasing your brand's awareness, and enhancing customer relationships. Additionally, you can obtain more information about your clients and gain insight into how your company is perceived by society.


This social media giant has over 1 billion active users across the world, including more than half of New Zealand’s population. Having the ability to connect to your clients and potential customers has become easier than ever with Facebook. Not only does this network help you to raise brand awareness and provide customer support, but it also allows for targeted advertising. Facebook ads, for example, allow you to target users by things like age, gender, location, education, purchase history and page likes.


When it comes to Business to Business communication LinkedIn is the go-to network. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service. Making the right connections is critical to the business environment, and LinkedIn provides a channel for doing so.

Visual Media

YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are useful sites that can be used to build the visual identity of your business and help communicate your message. Posting videos on how to use your products is highly valuable to pre-existing customers and has the potential to attract new customers.


Twitter provides a way to communicate with your consumers when receiving feedback. Not only does Twitter help increase brand awareness, but it also demonstrates that your business cares about the consumers’ perspective.

Google Plus

Google Plus is a rapidly growing social network which allows users to organise and sort their connections, providing them with more control over who they interact and share their content with.