+Media Telecommunications
With our Telecommunications package you will never miss the opportunity to answer an enquiry or make a sale

+Media Telecommunications

Make the most of the latest technology in the telecommunications industry by coming on board with our +Media Telecommunications package. Our products range from toll-free Numbers to Geo Numbers, coming with a host of sophisticated features such as call tracking, call forwarding and call completion. This means that even when you're occupied or nobody is available to answer the call, you will never miss that opportunity to answer an enquiry or make a sale.

0800 Numbers and 0508 Numbers

We highly recommend the Toll-free Numbers, as customers do not receive call charges, meaning there is less to stop them from calling you. PlusMedia provide a cheap toll free number whether it be a 0800 NZ or 0508 NZ number.

Geo Numbers

It is common to want to market your business outside of your local area. Our Geo Numbers allow you to mask your number enabling you to appear locally, even if you are not local. This allows your business to reach into another marketplace without needing to be based in the area, and creates trust through a seemingly local presence.

Call Distribution

Our call distribution set up diverts incoming calls to the most suitable agent so that you can ensure the caller’s needs are fully met. Call distribution works by allowing you to divert the call to another mobile or landline of your choice, such as that of a colleague.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding ensures you never miss an opportunity due to a missed call. Call forwarding redirects a phone call to another destination so that it doesn’t go unanswered.


Say ‘bye-bye’ to your voicemail box and have your voicemail messages delivered to your email address as an audio file. These recordings are accessible from a range of devices, such as your phone, computer or tablet, and are ideal while on-the-go.

Customised Greeting

We understand how important first impressions are in the business environment. When you choose to produce a personalised greeting and provide an options menu, people feel like they are dealing with professionals.